The Memorial Garden Book of Remembrance   at the University of Georgia


The establishment of the Memorial Garden was made possible through the joint efforts of many individuals. Members of the University Council's Facilities Committee initiated the project in 2001-2002.

The Committee's membership included:

Charles Keith, chair of the University Council, provided helpful advice on preparing the proposal for Council review; President Michael Adams approved the Council's recommendation in favor of the Memorial Garden and encouraged the development of the project; and, throughout, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration Henry Huckaby, along with Assistant to the President Kathy Pharr, provided valuable support and guidance. During the Council debate on the proposal, special support came from Professors Ian Hardin, Lee Reed, and Roger K. Thomas. Professors Trey Hood and Marion J. Rice, as well as Leena S. Johnson, offered counsel and encouragement along the way.

Those involved in the search for the names and circumstances of the honorees (an ongoing process) have included Johnny Blackstone, Steven Allan Brown and Gilbert Head of the University Archives, Bob Izlar, Loch Johnson, Stacey Mitchell-Gibson, and Douglas Swenor.

Individuals who contributed to the planning and advancement of the Memorial Garden site and the Book of Remembrance included Dexter Adams, Nash Boney, Paul Cassilly, Vince Dooley, Damon Evans, Loch Johnson, Ralph Johnson, Kevin Kirsche (project manager), Laura Kraul, Thomas Oglesby, Kathy Pharr, Jane Raikes, Thomas Rainer, Anne Riley, Marisa Scalera, Danny Sniff, Fred Stephenson, Allen Stovall, William Weems (Franklin Web Group Designer), Ken Williams, and CooperCarry Architects.

Fund-raising efforts for the Memorial Garden were led by a team comprised of Mac Corry, Gregory Daniels, Loch Johnson, Laura Horne Lowery, Phil Sanders, and Charlie Wurst. Indispensable financial assistance came from the following individuals and groups:

Lead Donors

Supporting Donors

Web site credits

William Potter, University Librarian and Associate Provost, provided the opportunity for UGA Libraries' staff to develop the new web site and support the Memorial. The following people contributed to the production of the Memorial database and web site.

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