The Memorial Garden Book of Remembrance   at the University of Georgia

About the Memorial

Design of the Memorial Garden

Sketch of the Garden

The primary symbolic element within the Garden is a circular band of granite, set in the ground plane, to signify wholeness and continuity. Inscribed in the granite band is the Memorial Statement:

"Their Names Shall Live For Evermore"
In Grateful Remembrance of University Faculty, Staff, Students & Alumni Who have Fallen in the Defense of Democracy & their Country.

Inside the circle, solid granite benches signify permanence, strength and endurance. Granite pavers, set in a dense pattern, begin to dissipate into the landscape, encouraging visitors to leave the heavily trodden pathway to find a more quiet space for reflection. A bosque of trees will provide a protective canopy over the Garden's interior.

The History of the Memorial Garden

In the spring semester of 2001, the University Council voted in favor of authorizing its Facilities Committee to explore the feasibility of a memorial to those members of the University community who have given their lives in service. Throughout the next year, the Facilities Committee and a Memorial Subcommittee met often to deliberate over this question. Public forums were also held with students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The Subcommittee consulted with the Council's Executive Committee, the School of Environmental Design, the History Department, the School of Public and International Affairs, the Art Department, the Student Government Association, the Office of University Architects, and the Physical Plant, each of whom had constructive ideas for a memorial.

Based on this research and discussions, the Facilities Committee returned to the University Council a year later with the following recommendations, which were approved by the Council on March 14, 2002. Over the next three years, the University engaged in planning for the site as well as fund-raising, culminating in the dedication of the Memorial Garden on April 13, 2005.

The Memorial Garden honors and remembers those in the University community—students, faculty, staff, and alumni—who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of democracy and their country since 1785, when the University was founded. Most of the honorees are individuals who have died in combat or training, but they will also include other public servants, such as ambassadors, Peace Corps volunteers, United Nations peacekeepers, and intelligence officers. The purpose of the Memorial Garden is to remember those who have served and fallen. It is apolitical, going beyond issues of whether any particular war was good or bad. It is a tribute to those lost lives: to the men and women who answered when called and who died in the line of duty.

The History of the Memorial Website

The virtual Book of Remembrance lists the individuals from the University of Georgia community that gave their lives for their country. The on-site computer kiosk that provides access to this virtual list is located in the East wing of the Miller Learning Center, a short distance from the Garden. It was part of the original Memorial Garden design, and the touch screen computer kiosk will stay in its current location to provide easy access near the Garden to the list of honorees. In order to expand the functionality of the virtual site to handle a variety of related information on the honorees and to be accessible to individuals across the state and the nation, this website was developed. It allows us over time to add related text, image, and audio files to the honorees' information.

We encourage contributions to this effort. If you have pertinent information of this nature related to any of the honorees, and you would be willing to share that information, please contact Gilbert Head (

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