The Memorial Garden Book of Remembrance   at the University of Georgia

Welcome to the Memorial Garden Book of Remembrance

There is, near the geographic heart of the University of Georgia in Athens, a quiet oasis of trees and stone, a place where those of the University community can take a moment's ease and note the inscription that begins "Their Names Shall Live For Evermore." This is the University of Georgia's Memorial Garden, dedicated to the remembrance of those from the University who have given their lives in service to their community, state, and nation.

In the spirit of that place, we welcome you to the virtual home of the University of Georgia's Book of Remembrance, a place where we honor these fallen heroes. This version of the Book of Remembrance is an online analog to an interactive kiosk inside the Miller Learning Center on the UGA campus, close to the Memorial Garden. Anyone interested in learning more about the genesis of this project and the garden itself is invited to explore the page About the Memorial elsewhere on this site.

Those who visit the garden and on-site Book of Remembrance have the benefit of those spaces for reflection and contemplation. This online version of the Book is designed to be a place where anyone unable to visit Athens can locate information about each of the honorees. Those wishing to search for specific individuals by name may do so by visiting the Honorees page.

While each honoree has an entry listing his or her name and date of death, as well as the circumstances surrounding death (when known), this site is designed to allow us to continue to add information relative to each honoree. This is true of additional text, but also for other media forms. As we add photographs and other visual and audio files, these materials will be accessible via each individual honoree entry, but also by means of the Related Material page.

These men and women of the University of Georgia have given their all. At the Memorial Garden, and in this Book of Remembrance, we have an opportunity to remember their sacrifice, and to tell their stories, so that they may endure in our hearts and minds forever.

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